Buffalo View Estates is a family owned and operated business.  The company is run by brothers Pat and Doug Bolin, both of whom were born and raised in the Stettler area.  Pat and Doug have long ties to the community in and around Stettler and their family has been established in Stettler and the Buffalo Lake area in Rochon Sands since 1920. 

Pat and Doug both own and operate businesses in Stettler and have given of themselves and their companies to help do their part in shaping the Stettler and Rochon Sands communities into what they are today.  Both have extensive experience and knowledge in the buying and building process, as you will no doubt discover first hand.   


Buffalo View Estates has worked to make the purchase as easy as possible for the buyer. They have started you on your road to making your lot a home in taking care of things like land clearing, site planning and driveway placement. Water and sewer, electrical and phone lines, and road work have already been run right to your driveway.

The committee is also available to help you with everything from your driveway to your home.  Knowing where to start and who to call can be overwhelming.  Buffalo View Estates is there to help you step by step in finding contractors and vendors, how to go about getting things started and in what order it needs to be done.

All you need to do is email us at sales@buffaloviewestates.com or use the form on our "Contact" page and before you know it, you'll be looking out your window at the beautiful landscape that surrounds Buffalo View Estates!

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